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My wife and I have been looking at house plans for quite a while. About a year ago we thought we found the one, we sat on it for about a year, then after Jerry took a look at the plans and asked us a few questions we realized how much better a basic design could be with a few design changes and some fresh ideas. Jerry seems to be very attune to some of the details that can really make quite a difference, while personalizing a fairly basic design. Jerry has been very easy to work with.


We wanted to add a covered entry to our sanctuary at Camp Creek Church. Our desire for this new entry was both for form and function. We wanted our building to look more like a “church” with a steeple and cross. We also wanted to have a covered entry to protect people from the weather while they were arriving at church as well as leaving. Jerome DeMarco volunteered to help us with the design of this project and put together several options of roof styles, pitches, etc. We chose one of the designs and several men in the church built the covered entry and added the new steeple and cross. We are very pleased with the result and are grateful to Jerome DeMarco ART.chitecture for helping us with this renovation project!


We are thrilled with our home addition designed by Jerome DeMarco ART.chitecture. The plans that were drawn up were a simple but elegant solution to our needs. Plans were submitted for a building permit, and NO revisions were required by the planning commission. Truly amazing in our experience! It was a pleasure to work with Jerry, who is extremely easy to communicate with, and he was very encouraging throughout the whole process.
We have also had the opportunity to visit other beautiful homes, horse stables and old movie theaters that have been given a new lease on life that Jerry has designed, and they are all lovely and unique.
We would highly recommend Jerome DeMarco Art.chitecture for your design needs, no matter how large or small they might be.

Ed & Mary

My husband and I asked for Jerry’s help designing an addition our home. We had pictures of design ideas that we liked, particularly for the master suite. Jerry took our “wish list” and enhanced them with his own creative and unique ideas. The result was a beautiful, functional design that we could not be happier with. I work as a construction manager and have dealt with many, many architects over the years. Oftentimes they are more concerned with designing what “they” envision rather than what the client wants. Throughout the design process Jerry asked for our feedback on elements we liked/didn’t like and worked to incorporate the changes we wanted as the design progressed. He always made us feel that our involvement and satisfaction with the design was a priority and, once construction was underway, gladly made himself available to answer contractor questions. Jerry has a true eye for designing absolutely beautiful projects. He is creative, detail-oriented and wonderful to work with. We give him our very highest recommendation!

C Shawv

The home we purchased was designed and built by Jerome DeMarco and the finest finishes were very obvious which made us fall in love with the home. Jerome DeMarco has been in business for a long time and the results of his excellent design were also very obvious. We did not get to work with him personally; the home we purchased was already built.
Whenever we had any questions Jerome DeMarco followed up immediately.
Our experience with Jerome DeMarco Art.chitecture has been very positive.


My wife and I had planned to build a new home for several years and sought out Jerry DeMarco as a designer. Jerry showed us examples of his work, including a style that we really liked. We were at first concerned about the distance between us, Jerry being located in Oregon and my wife and I located in Northern California, but that concern turned out to be a non-issue. Nearly all of our communication was done via telephone and by emailing plans and specifications between us and his studio. Most evenings during the design process my wife and I would review new design ideas and or changes to previous drawings Jerry sent to us via email. We would then write comments and call Jerry to discuss them and new design ideas he wanted us to consider. Very soon after our on-line and telephone meetings, we would have new drawings via email to review. Jerry visited our site a couple of times to get a feel for it, but the rest of the process was accomplished via those two modes. We had some pretty specific ideas about our floor plan and the exterior look of the new home. Jerry helped us through the design and build process. When the plans were finished, Jerry emailed them to a local print shop who printed them for building permits and construction drawings. He also worked with our contractor with design questions during the construction phase.
My wife and I had a great time working with Jerry to create the beautiful design and building our new home.

M S Tomlinson